Swiss Center for Genetics is a leading multidisciplinary scientific hub specializing in personalized genetic testing for professionals. With our own laboratory in Montreux, Switzerland, we offer a wide range of tests and white-label manufacturing of products for the health and beauty sectors.

With unique expertise in epigenetics based on over 20 years’ experience, our team of top-level geneticists and biochemists offers a personalized approach to health and beauty, predicting and preventing problems linked to hormones, detox, fertility, weight management, stress and the causes of skin aging.

As a privileged partner of health and beauty professionals, we operate with discretion, rigor, credibility and methodological transparency to offer them impeccable support for the use of genetic testing in their daily practice.


At Swiss Center for Genetics, we are convinced that, while each individual is unique, so must be the management of his or her health. This is why we rely on a scientific approach based on epigenetics, which targets the causes of diseases and prevents the expression of the faulty genes, in order to achieve our mission: to make each individual the best version of himself or herself.



Epigenetics is a branch of genetics that studies the biochemical reactions that regulate the activation and deactivation of genes. It examines influential factors such as lifestyle, diet and active nutritional supplements, in relation to individual predispositions.

This approach enables us to understand how diseases may develop, as well as identify individual mechanisms of aging, and to directly target the specific genes responsible for it. By taking a long-term view of health, we develop protocols aimed at deactivating undesirable genetic expressions, making treatments more effective and redefining prevention in clinical practice.

“Swiss Center for Genetics, where science produces health”