Swiss Center for Genetics is a place of unique fusion of leading expertise. Top level geneticists, doctors and biochemists operate the two in-house laboratories (diagnostics and production), which allows for a unique interdisciplinary approach when creating testing panels and treatment protocols.


Our mission is to empower practitioners to bring about meaningful improvement of patient outcomes by targeting the root causes of diseases and preventing expression of bad genes through epigenetics.




Epigenetics – a genetics branch that studies biochemical reactions that turn genetic expressions on and off. Influential factors such as: lifestyle, diet, active forms of nutritional supplementation are evaluated and selected according to patient’s predispositions. Epigenetics provides an immense insight into how diseases originate and develop, allowing us to pinpoint and directly address specific causes of symptoms.

Expertise Fusion

Our goal is to provide meaningful support for practitioners to effectively use epigenetic testing in their practice. Combining expertise of leading geneticists, doctors and molecular biologists, we develop testing panels and personalized patient protocols rooted in scientific evidence. Practitioners receive not only epigenetic test results but also a roadmap to treatment and prevention.

Sustainable Health

Epigenetics is a long-term view on health. It is built on identifying causes of symptoms and studying illness development patterns. By understanding how diseases originate, our mission is to develop patient protocols that turn off ‘bad’ genetic expressions. Such addition to clinical practice allows for more effective treatments and redefines the way we view disease prevention.