Delivery: Online Webinar, 3 online sessions of 1 hour, by Mrs Maria Pruss, MSc.

Time: September 2024, exact times to be sent closer to date.

Price: 150 CHF.

This course is for:

  • Dermatologists.
  • Beauty practitioners.
  • Nutritionists.
  • Health practitioners.
  • Managers within the beauty industry (beauty clinics/spa).
  • Individuals seeking a foundational understanding how genetics programs skin aging.

this webinar does not require prior knowledge of genetics.

What you get:
Earn a Certificate of Attendance from Swiss Center for Genetics.
Receive the SCG Membership.

Language: English.

  • Gain an insight into foundations of skin genetics.
  • Understand how genetics influence skin health within the following 6 areas: Hydration, Glycation, Elasticity, Sun
  • Pigmentation, Antioxidant Defence and Inflammation.
  • Develop the ability to identify the opportunities of implementation of genetic skin testing in your field.
  • Be aware of social and ethical implications of genetic testing.

About the speaker:

Skin-DNA 101


Maria Pruss is the Director at the Swiss Center for Genetics. She participated first-hand in the development of the DNA-Skin test panel and is currently involved in researching the clinical significance of genetic polymorphisms, as part of her work towards a degree in Evidence Based Healthcare, at the University of Oxford. Maria has an extensive experience with skin genetics, co-founding a brand of DNA-powered skincare Dr Pruss.

An international speaker on Epigenetics, Maria Pruss is an active advocate of personalised approach to beauty and healthcare. She is a world-class speaker known for her ‘complex topic made simple’ educational lectures on evidence-based epigenetics. Maria Pruss’s latest engagements include: International Integrative Medicine Conference in Rome, Italy; St. Marks Hospital & Academic Institute in London, UK and AWMC Anti-Aging World Congress, Monaco.

SCG Membership:

This course offers a ‘Swiss Center for Genetics’ Membership.

As a SCG Member you will:

  • Be the first one to receive latest genetic panels.
  • Become part of an international community of multidisciplinary professionals.
  • Receive reduced price offers and discounts on SCG genetic panels and products.

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