Epigenetics – a genetics branch that studies biochemical reactions that turn genetic expressions on and off. Influential factors such as: lifestyle, diet, active forms of nutritional supplementation are evaluated and selected according to patient’s predispositions. Epigenetics provides an immense insight into how diseases originate and develop, allowing us to pinpoint and directly address specific causes of symptoms.

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Polymorphisms vs Genetic mutations

Unlike genetic mutations that inevitably cause a disease, we test polymorphisms that serve as a predisposing factor. This allows us to develop powerful tools to meaningfully influence genetic predispositions. Quick reliable epigenetic tests are used to develop personalized patient protocols to ensure significant improvement of outcomes.

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Test Panels

It is not about the brilliance of the test – it’s what you can do with the results.

We are not only committed to providing the highest quality of epigenetic testing, but also developing impactful personalized patient protocols.