Swiss Center for Genetics

Swiss Center for Genetics is a scientific center of excellence specializing in genetic testing. With its own laboratory in Montreux, Switzerland, it offers a range of genetic tests and white-label manufacturing of supplements and skincare.

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How Does it Work?

The process follows four simple steps: 1. Contact us via our order form. 2. Take a simple salivary smear sample. 3. Send the sample to our laboratory in Montreux. 4. We will send you the full report within 4-14 working days.

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Test Panels

It is not about the brilliance of the test – it’s what you can do with the results.

Swiss Center for Genetics' expertise focuses on the following key areas of health and beauty: hormones, detox, skin, fertility, weight and stress. More than just top-quality genetic tests, we are committed to providing comprehensive, intelligible reports containing detailed analyses, as well as personalized recommendations and protocols to address specific genetic predispositions.